Adopt Miss Misty

Please adopt Misty the Cat

Please adopt Misty the Cat

Here’s another beautiful black cat up for adoption through the RSPCA. Her name is Misty and she’s looking for a new family to love her.

Her yellow eyes and beautiful black coat are just fantastic. She is a Chartreux Cross, with full health checks, vaccinations, wormed, microchipped and desexed… And only $40 to a new home. Here is her bio:

Hi I’m Misty, a beautiful grey feline looking for my forever family. I’m not a cat who’s keen on being picked up all the time, so if you’re happy to have me curl up in your bed or on your couch, then we’re going to get along just swell. I’m what the RSPCA folk call a ‘catchoo’ kitty. This just means I’ve had catflu. I’m feeling much better now, but I do need to be an indoor cat to ensure I stay healthy and happy. The outside world is much to big and scary for me anyway.

Do you know someone who might be a perfect match for Misty? Please share this page and contact the RSPCA to ask about adopting her. 🙂

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