RSPCA : Black Magic Promo

RSPCA Black magic promotion
RSPCA Black magic promotion
With Halloween on the 31st of October, RSPCA QLD is running a special Black Magic promotion – all black pets half price!
According to the RSPCA, black pets are often some of the most looked-over pets for adoption… Have you ever considered adopting a black pet? In some countries black pets are considered bad luck – but its not so! Black pets are just as adorable as any other pets, in fact I love black cats! Heres what the RSPCA has to say about black cats:
This October we are embracing all black pets and dispelling the mystery behind the colour. Did you know that in the UK, Ireland and Japan the black cat is actually considered good luck? Ancient Egyptians also mummified their cats to preserve them for the afterlife because they were considered so highly.

All of the black pets (not just cats) are available for the special 2-for-1 promo. Heres a beautiful black cat who needs a new home:

I’d like to introduce Sirrah, she is a beautiful black house cat, currently housed at World for Pets, Springwood. She is wormed and desexed and only $80 to a new home. Please adopt this beautiful lady! 🙂 Check out her profile on the RSPCA website here.

Sirrah - adopt a cat

There are heaps of other beautiful black cats, dogs, chickens and more available for adoption through the RSPCA, so visit their website and have a look today. Visit their website here.

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