Happy 2013 & Hello Oscar

Oh hai Oscar The Cat

Oh hai Oscar The Cat

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic New Years! This year for Christmas I was lucky enough to be able to adopt a beautiful tabby cat for Christmas from the RSPCA. He’s so exhausted from being adorable all the time he just LOVES to sleep. 

My boyfriend surprised me by taking me to the RSPCA shelter and letting me pick any kitty I wanted… Then to add extra surprise, Santa dropped by and left a small mountain of toys and gifts for my new friend under the tree. Surely the gift of a new feline friend should not be so exciting you say? Well, for me it was – mainly because my boyfriend is in fact allergic to cats and I had almost given up hope of ever being able to have a kitty of my own to cuddle. Oh, I am a lucky girl to have a guy who cares so much he put my happiness above his health.

Oscar Iz A Catmas Tree

So without too much ado I would like to introduce Oscar, he is just over 1 year old and enjoys spending most of his days sleeping (of course). He loves napping in the sun, in the cupboard, on my car, on the rug, under my bed and the little blue bed Santa brought him for Christmas. He loves his personal space, and is not so much a cuddler as I would like, but thats ok. He likes a little bit of catnip from time to time, but not too much and ne never gets too rowdy. I would have posted sooner, but Oscar likes to sit on my laptop! Here he is looking grumpy and serious because he wants my attention… But its ok because I think he’s just the coolest cat 🙂

Oscar On Laptop

Oscar is a pretty cute cat

Well, I wish you all the best for 2013 and hope this year brings new homes to as many kitties as possible – Catnipsum.

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