Why cats love boxes

Cute kitten in box

Cute kitten in box

Ever wondered why cats love boxes? Well nobody can quite be sure, because we’re not cats, but here are a few likely reasons!

  1. Security – an enclosed space provides a place for protection, where they can feel comfortable and safe. 
  2. Enjoyment – Boxes are lots of fun to play in! They can jump up on top, and pounce off on their toys, or bounce around inside them.
  3. Comfort – Pop a blanket or towel in the box and it makes a great little nest to nap in.
  4. Instinct – Cats don’t like to wide open spaces.

My cat loves when I throw a little bell ball in a box, he can chase it around and around! Here are some more adorable cats in boxes. Meow!

Cute kitten in box

Two cute cats in boxes: Foundwall

Cute kitten in box

Kitten in a tissue box: e-cute

Cute Cat in Amazon Box Cute cat in Amazon Box: Funny Planet

Cat in a Pringle Can

 Cat in a Pringle Can: LolHome

Main image : Ben Torode

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