Bowls or Automatic Cat Feeders : What is right for your cat?

Smiling Cat Eating Cat Food Greyscale

Smiling Cat Eating Cat Food Greyscale

Cats are extremely habitual creatures, but if we don’t understand their needs and we try to schedule their lives around our own things can get a little bit out of sorts for them. If a cat isn’t fed at the same time every day they can become confused, and if they are fed a large amount on some days and a small amount on other days it might be even worse. 

This can lead to some poor kitty behavior, so I think it is a good idea to use an automatic feeder to ensure that you are providing your cat with the consistency they thrive under, both in terms of scheduling and portions.

Automatic Feeders with Portion Control

Some cats don’t know when to stop eating. Part of that is instinctive, and often it is reinforced by living with other cats who might compete with them for food. Whatever the cause, it can be a real problem and the only solution to it is knowing you are giving them an adequate amount of food at regular intervals.

You can program an automatic feeder in many different ways, and it is often best to consult with a veterinarian or another animal expert in order to understand exactly how much your cat should be fed. Generally, if your cat is an over-eater, it is a good idea to feed them small portions throughout the day rather than letting them gorge themselves and then go hungry, because the very hungry cat will want to gorge itself again when the time comes and the cycle will repeat. Here are some great automatic cat feeder products we recommend:


Automatic Feeders to Let You Sleep!

Cats know all too well how to get what they want from us, so if a cat feels hungry in the middle of the night they will often start meowing until you wake up and capitulate. The larger problem here is that every time you give in you are reinforcing the behavior, and many cat owners know that they can kiss the concept of sleeping soundly goodbye once that happens.

When you set times for your cat to be fed you can consider it done, and it is much easier to ignore their pleas when you know that they are being fed at the right times and that it is ostensibly out of your hands. If you already have a problem with your cat waking you up at night it may still take some time for this transition to happen, but they won’t cry out for food once they get used to being fed on a regular schedule.

Main image by Elliot Bennet, 2011.

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