Choosing the Best Carrier for Your Cat

Cat in a carrier

Cat in a carrier

One of the most important items that all cat owners should have is a quality cat carrier.  Even though there are so many different types of carriers to choose from on the market today, it can still be very difficult to choose the best one that is a great fit specifically for your cat.  Shopping for a quality carrier is a process.  However, this process can pay off in a big way as long as you closely follow the necessary steps.

Premium Features of Any Carrier

Regardless of the type of carrier that you are interested in purchasing, there are several different features that you want to seriously consider about each available option:

  • the materials used to make the carrier
  • the durability and usability of the carrier
  • how easy (or difficult) the carrier would be to clean
  • its compliance (or non-compliance) with airline standards
  • the overall stability, size, weight and security of the carrier
  • efficiency of overall design and ventilation structure

The Best Type of Carrier

If you are looking for the best type of carrier, according to recommendations from most customers and industry analysts, then you should invest in a quality crate that comes fully equipped with a well-designed secure latch.  Whether the crate is plastic or fabric really does not matter.  This would be the best carrier to use when traveling in vehicles and on airplanes.

When you need to carry your cat around casually, such as when you are shopping, then there are several fabric options that you should seriously consider.  There is a wide variety of different bags, handbags and slings that can be used to efficiently carry your cat around on your back or shoulder.  If you are interested in more of a pampered, protected look, then there is also a vast collection of strollers that can be purchased as well.

Only Shop for Quality Products

Make sure that you only shop for quality products when searching for a great cat carrier, regardless of the type of carrier that interests you the most.  Many cat owners try to save a few bucks and invest in a low-priced, low-quality carrier that either needs to be replaced soon after it is purchased or ends up harming their cats instead of keeping them safe.  Sherpa has always been known as a reputable company that has developed some of the most comfortable and safe cat carriers on the market today.  Argo, Alfie and Kyjen are three other brands that sell some beautiful carriers that are both appealing and efficient as well. Here are some cat carriers we recommend having a look at : 


Main image is via Rob Marquardt, 2009.

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