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Cats are basically carnivores — obligate carnivores, to be specific — meaning they need a diet centered on muscle-based meats to thrive. But take heart, that doesn’t mean you need to trek off into the wilds to find the right mix of food for Fluffy. If you are searching for the best dry cat food for your favorite feline, however, it’s good to know what kind to buy.

The benefits of dry food

There are many reasons to go with a dry cat food as part of your pet’s diet. First of all, many don’t require refrigeration, and can be left out for the cat to eat whenever they choose. Notoriously picky eaters can select when and how much of the food they’d like to consume from their dishes.

Ingredients to look for in a dry cat food

For one, you want to make sure you’re not getting a cat food that’s full of fillers and carbohydrates.

Plenty of cat owners praise Merrick’s Before Grain #1 Chicken Dry Cat Food for helping their furry friends transition from other diets, whether they are extremely picky eaters or ones who’ve been throwing up for unknown reasons, and a change in eating habits was in order.

You want to look for brands that spell out the “complete and balanced” AAFCO requirements on the label, as well as those that name the source of protein — such as “beef, turkey, lamb or chicken” instead of just the obscure “meat” wording.


Pick the right type for specific issues

For example, Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dry Cat Food has different styles of dry food for various categories of care, like concerns over healthy teeth and oral care, or sensitive skin and stomachs, for cats with hair ball issues or tummy troubles.

Get a good-quality dry cat food

Even though premium cat foods can come with higher price tags, the ones that contain better quality ingredients will be worth it in the long run, especially if it helps to maintain or improve the cat’s health and well-being. Any extra monies spent toward the higher-priced, better ingredient containing foods will pay for itself over and over again in savings from veterinary bills.

Is it okay to give cats only dry food?

While many dry cat foods are great, feeding cats a constant diet of dry food may prove to provide fewer nutrients than providing a varied mix of wet and dry foods, along with ensuring they consume enough water. Remember that variety is the spice of life, you like mixes of food and so does your kitty!
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