Choosing The Best Wet Cat Food

Cat food bowls

Cat food bowls

Cats are known to not always drink as much water as they should, since their thirst instinct isn’t the strongest. For this reason and many others, it’s a good idea to supplement your pet’s diet with wet cat food, which can not only give them adequate hydration, but can also be very beneficial to little kittens, middle-aged cats and those who’ve lived for years.

While the dry versus wet food debate rages on, some experts go so far to say as a cat’s diet should be based solely around wet foods. But what kinds specifically should you purchase? Let’s look further into the issue.

The Benefits of Wet Cat Food

Cats are carnivores that require the majority of their nutritional content to come from meat and proteins. Wet cat foods generally provide more nutrients in the form of pure proteins at higher percentages than a diet of dry food alone.

Older cats, in fact, may prefer wet cat food to dry. A mix of wet and dry food can also help your cat’s urinary tract due to the moisture the wet food provides.

Pre-packaged wet cat foods like Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food come in convenient, pre-measured sizes and a variety of flavors. They also require that any uneaten portion — if the cat doesn’t gobble it all up as soon as you set it in front of them — be placed in the refrigerator.

Many cat lovers report that particular brand as their pet’s favorite food, with some stating their kitties won’t eat anything else.

The Best Wet Food Ingredients For Cats

Your best bet is looking for a wet cat food that clearly spells out its high-quality, premium ingredients on the label, like the specific type of meat it contains — be it chicken, turkey, or seafood.

It also helps to check the label for the age and type of cat the wet food is geared towards, like this Friskies Selects Indoor Cat Food Home-style Turkey Dinner with Brown Rice & Garden Greens, which is specially formulated for adult indoor cats.

Cat food companies are making it more and more convenient by packaging their fare in a variety of packages, like these Friskies Gravy Sensation Seafood pouches. Other types come in cans, while others — like this Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys for Cats, Florentine Collection with Garden Greens — look good enough for humans to consume. But save it for the cat. After all, we know who rules the roost… 🙂


Main image by J Shouldol, 2011.

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