Do I Really Need a Pet Insurance Policy?

Sad White Kitten With Blue Eyes

Sad White Kitten With Blue Eyes

As a fact, veterinary costs can go up to thousands of dollars if your cat is suffering a serious, sudden illness. It is obvious that not all cat owners can afford it. Moreover, the odds are high of consulting a vet due to which it cannot be argued that your pet won’t need any medical care at all even though it may be healthy. As an average pet owner, two out of three pets require veterinary care every year and over 60% of these visits are due to unexpected sickness. Furthermore, as per the latest statistics, more than 6300 ailments and health issues exist, which any pet can tend to suffer from. One way which pet owners can make vet cost affordable is to have pet insurance.

Ginger Cat With Broken Arm

Does Your Pet Need Insurance?

In order to decide whether your pet needs insurance and that how much is required, it is essential to assess the probability of your pet facing an accident or falling ill. You can find this out on the basis of the following factors:

  • Breed: There are a few breeds that are more vulnerable to sickness than others. For example, dogs are weaker than cats due to which they are more prone to illness. In this case, the insurers are likely to charge a higher premium.
  • Sense and Behavior: Many dogs are clumsy in the sense that they fall over their own feet. Further, there are some sensitive pets that exhibit self-destructive behavior or have no sense of behaving on the road. Such pets truly need insurance.
  • Size: It has been found that large dogs have more health issues than small ones. Therefore, again they qualify for pet insurance.
  • Location: There are a few regions that are more prone to ticks, fleas, and grass seeds; which can lead to pet hospitalization. If you are living in such areas, your pet is at risk of falling sick due to which insurance becomes essential.

Apart from that, insurance is suggested to those who cannot get the best treatment for their pets in the case of accident just because of high cost. According to an estimate more than 6000 pets lose their life in a year just because their owners cannot pay the vet bills. Therefore, it is better to go for pet insurance and pay monthly premiums whose worth is nothing in front of the life of your beloved pet.

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What Kind of Cover Should You Consider?

Most insurers offer four chief covers namely, Illness, Accident, Comprehensive including most ailments, and Comprehensive Plus with extra rebates and benefits for those owners who take care of their pets on a regular basis. A majority of policies offer a rebate 80% of the medical expenses. However, rebates tend to vary between 50% and 75%. Talking about bonuses, you can receive an extra reward of anywhere between $50 and $100 per year for taking preventative care for your pet. However, a policy will even have its own exclusions, such as a pre-existing condition due to which you need to check the policy statement in detail.

You can even claim the maximum amount (maximum benefit) in a year, which can range from $6000 to $15,000. There are times when this amount is split between sickness and injuries, which can influence the rebate percentage. Further, a few policies provide additional benefits such as reimbursement for holiday cancellation in case your pet falls ill or is lost, payment for advertising for finding your lost pet and a refund in case the pet gets lost forever. These are some of the ensured benefits of having a pet insurance policy.

A big thanks to Sean Jacowski for helping out with this article. He is a blogger who loves to write on topics related to pets and animal care. Although he does not have a pet, he wishes to adopt one soon. (Catnipsum thinks Sean should adopt a cat!) Therefore, he has already researched pet care insurance in advance. Thanks Sean for your lovely article. Images are via popkitten, Cats n cats and weheartit.

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