Does a Cat mimic its Owner’s Personality?


Every cat owner at some point must wonder if their cat has taken on their personality traits. Scientific research into this query has proven that felines do in fact mimic their owner’s personality traits.

It’s exactly the same for people who see each other a lot and rub off on one another – the same applies to owners and their cats. The bond or relationship between owner and cat is very close to that of human-only bonds. Researchers have discovered that you and your feline influence one another.

If you spend a lot of time playing with your cat or just being in each other’s company, then your kitty will mirror your attention and affection. This means that loving and attentive owners bring out the exact same personality traits in their pets. If you play a lot with your cat, then it is all too likely that they will be more playful with you.

Cats are intelligent and will often be found observing and watching their owners. It is then possible that they will mimic your actions – follow you from one room to another or curl up at the end of your bed and sleep with you.

Now be in no doubt that your feline friend is gradually turning into your minion!

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