Educating Your Cat with Repellents



When it comes to training your cat, one of the most effective tools that can be used is a standard repellant.  There has been a lot of debate over using repellents in order to train pets over the years, primarily because many people feel that it is a form of torture.  However, as long as the owner uses these products in moderation and with discernment, they can quickly prove to be one of the most effective tools available.  How should these products be used?

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Smell

Before you start searching for various electronic repellents and other devices, focus on using repellents that are specifically designed to appeal to a cat’s sense of smell.  Each of their olfactory senses is extremely sensitive, especially when it comes to their sense of smell.  A cat owner can efficiently use smells that cats detest, such as vinegar, in order to keep their pet in line.  For instance, if you want to train your cat to stay away from couches and fabric draperies throughout the home, using a vinegar solution will do the trick.  It can either be sprayed in the area or on the cat whenever they are near these forbidden areas.

Use Water as an Effective Repellent

Another effective method of repelling your cats that can be used as an educational tool is water.  Cats hate water and do their best to stay as far away from it as possible.  If you do not want your cat to go past a certain point in your front yard, you can throw either a cup or even a small bucket of water on them when they approach the point of no return.  There are some homeowners that even go as far as installing a sprinkler that is motion-activated to spray their cats whenever they are going too far away from the home.

Focus on Quality Products

There is a wide variety of quality commercial products, such as sprays and electronic deterrents that can be used to effectively repel and train your cat as well.  Sentry, Petsafe and Adaptil are all popular brand names that have been able to develop some effective pet repellent products over the years.  When using these products, however, it is important to remember to focus on moderation.  If used excessively, these tools can quickly become devices of torture that will cause more harm to your feline pets instead of helping them.  That would actually only teach them to be afraid of you as their owner instead of obey you.
Remember to be enjoyable and firm, without being too harsh and soon your kitten or cat will learn to listen to you… Well, at least a little more often 😉 Main image by Kittygreen66, 2010.

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