Flea, Lice, & Tick Control For Your Cats

Cat scratching with fleas

Cat scratching with fleas

Having pets can be great, it gives you someone to talk to and cuddle with, but more importantly, they give you someone to love. We all worry about our cats getting infested with bugs such as fleas, lice, or ticks. All of these bugs could be harmful to your cat and your home. Fleas will do damage to your cats skin, ticks can give your cats diseases, and lice are just inconvenient and can spread like wildfire. If you want to keep your pets safe and keep these little pests out of your home, you are going to need flea, lice, and tick control for your cats.

Why You Need Flea, Lice, & Tick Control

Fleas, Lice, and Ticks can lead to big problems. Not only are they uncomfortable to your cat and can lead to serious life threatening diseases for your cat, they can also be a hazard to your home. These bugs are not easy to get rid of and can infest your entire house, the people who live there, and other pets as well. Unfortunately, it is easy for your cat to contract these little pests and can be infested simply by walking outside. Once they walk back into your house, the infestation will begin instantly and it will be costly to have the bugs removed from your pet and from your home. It is better to save money in the long run by purchasing a flea, lice, and tick control for your cats.

Types of Flea, Lice, & Tick Control & Their Uses

There are multiple products on the market that are designed to keep these pesky bugs off your cats and out of your house. Some of these products have developed more of a brand name for themselves because they are affective in getting fleas, lice, and ticks to stay away from your cat. Advantage is one of these more common brands of flea, lice, and tick control products. This product kills fleas, eggs, and larva off your cat and is affective even if the cat gets wet. With only one treatment with Advantage, your cat will be flea, tick, and lice free for up to four weeks.


Frontline Plus is another flea, lice, and tick control product that has made a name for itself in keeping pesky bugs off your cats. This product gets rid of all the bugs your cat could encounter and keeps the bugs off your cat for a 6-month period. This product is favorable because it comes in a simple 3 step application process that will keep bugs off your cat.

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