Hairball Remedies For Your Cat

Cat Hairball Remedies

Cat Hairball Remedies

Everyone loves their cats because they are loveable and have grown to become a member of their family. Just like any other member of the family, it is common for your cats to have their faults. One of the faults of owning a cat are hairballs. Hairballs are an inconvenience because they are kind of gross to clean up and can be uncomfortable for your cat. Regardless of how many gross hairballs you have to clean up, you still love your cat and wish you could find a remedy to prevent your cat from getting hairballs.

What Are Hairballs?

Unlike a dog, a cat doesn’t prefer to get a bath from their natural dislike of water. Cats actually don’t need to be bathed because they use their tongues to bathe themselves. When a cat is bathing itself, since the cats tongue has a sandpaper texture that is wet, they are bound to collect hair on their tongues, which they swallow into their stomachs. Since a cat can’t digest their hair, it creates a ball that the cat later vomits up to remove the hair from their stomach.  These hairballs may seem gross to you, but they are also unhealthy for your cat, which is why it is important to use remedies to help prevent hairballs in your cat.

Why Is It Important To Buy Remedies? 

Now that you have a general understanding about hairballs, you can understand why it is so important to buy remedies to prevent your cat from getting hairballs. Not only are hairballs unpleasant for the cat’s owners to clean up, but they can also have health risks to your cat as well. These hairballs can cause blockages in your cat’s stomach, leading to more serious medical conditions. Since you cat has to lick itself in order to be clean, what can you do to protect your cat?

Kinds Of Remedies

There are plenty of remedies on the market that can help your cat with their hairball problems. Pets Natural Hairball is a great product that helps bring the best supplements to your cat’s skin and hair, making it less likely their hair will fall out when they lick themselves. Since many people prefer to use a popular brand name, Hartz has released Hairball Relief Plus. This remedy helps hairballs pass through your cat’s digestion track with ease, making it one of the best home remedies to help your cat get relief from hairballs. We also recommend checking out the variety of other solutions on offer, by clicking the links below and browsing around.


We hope this article will help you understand the importance of hairball remedies, and we encourage you to buy something to keep on hand just in case your kitty needs a little help for their tummy! Be sure to check out more of our great articles below if you enjoyed this one. Just a note, the picture at the top is not a cat hairball, its a ball of human hair, I thought it was just a bit too icky to stick a picture of a real hair ball on my website! Yuck 😉 Photo by Lisa, 2008.

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