How to Make Your Home Cat’s Heaven

No matter what age or breed is the cat you choose to adopt you must create a cozy home for it. To make your home a real cat paradise (like you have any other options!) you should learn to understand that cats have specific requirements. Having this in mind you can do your best and make the following improvements in your house:

Free Access

Installing cat doors is a must because cats hate restrictions and can be really annoying meowing for AGES to let them out. Nowadays there is wide range of pet doors for any taste. But if you feel skilled enough why don’t you try this clever hack and make a cat doors by your own?

Get a Cat Tree

Felines love climbing. Its in their nature to go to the highest places possible. Cats are natural hunters, hiding and prowling is implied in their nature. If you don’t provide your feline with nice climbing place this might lead to knocked over items, crushed vases and souvenirs and mess in your home. Cat tree furniture is great to avoid this. I you feel skilled enough you could even make one by yourself. Here is an idea how to do that :

Scratching Post

Feline claws are hard to cut sometimes, not to mention that most cats hate when you do it. If you don’t want your furniture ruined the smarter and easier solution is to get scratching post. If you prefer handmade than commercial stuff, this video will show you how to make effective scratcher with simple, inexpensive and easy to find materials :

Cozy Bed

Every cat should have their own place to sleep. This won’t stop your companion to use your sofa whenever he or she wants though, but felines are quite independent and they need their privacy. There are plenty of models and sizes cat beds today, and again – if you are DIY fan, here is a video on how to make bed for your kitty :

All these simple improvements will turn your home into very special place for your cat. 🙂 Thanks to the lovely Irene for writing this article. You can raed more of her thoughts on making your home more comfortable for your feline friends on storify.

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