How to trim your cat’s claws correctly

Cutting A Cats Claw Diagram

Closeup of a cats claw

Not sure how to trim your kitties claws? Heres a great video and some helpful instructions to get you started. Read more for detailed instructions:

Watching the above video is a really great tutorial on how to trim your cats claws. Heres a reminder of the process of trimming your cats claws in case you want to read step by step:

  1. Purchase special nail clippers for your feline friend.Using normal nail clippers will cause the nail to split and could be potentially hurtful to your feline friend.
  2. Begin by holding your cat in a position where you and the cat are comfortable. Nestle them in the crook of your arm, up against the arm of a sofa or chair where the cat can feel supported. If they feel like they are going to fall away from where you are holding them they will become stressed, and potentially squirm a lot and run away.
  3. Gently grab one of the front paws and squeeze slightly on the  bottom of the paw pad and the top of the claw.The claw will pop out.
  4. Make sure you trim only the sharp tips off in an upward in line motion to the claws. Here is a helpful diagram below showing you the correct position to trim. Take special care not to trim into the “quick” of the nail. This would injure the cat and they would be in pain and very upset.
  5. Continue to complete the back claws if you wish as well. Some people choose not to do the back paws as they are not as sharp as the front. This is because they cannot retract like the front claws, and therefore are generally more worn and blunt.
  6. Always reward your kitty when you have finished trimming their claws. Making sure that it was not a traumatic experience, and rather a happy one will ensure that the next time you come to trim their nails they are more comforted and calm.
  7. Trim on a regular basis and ensure that the cat has a scratching post or special emery board as he may feel like he wants to sharpen his claws. You dont want him to be scratching at your sofa now do you!

I hope this article was helpful and you feel more comfortable trimming your cats claws yourself now. Have a purr-tastic day and love to your kitties! ~Catnipsum Images are via RevealingPaws and Searchwarp.

Cutting A Cats Claw Diagram

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