Revolution for Cats

Revolution can help keep your cats happy and healthy

No one wants their cat to have fleas, and some cats are even allergic to flea bites. There are many different products available these days for flea control on cats. Revolution is the brand name for a topical flea control product containing selamectin as the active ingredient.

Revolution is a great product in a lot of ways. It has a good safety record and is extremely easy to use. Unlike oral medications, the topical spot-on treatment is easy to administer to even the most fussy cats. Revolution not only prevents flea infestation but it also kills ear mites and several types of intestinal parasites. It is water-fast and does not wash off once dry, which is great for cats that might be out in the rain.

Revolution can help keep your cats happy and healthy

photo credit: Merlijn Hoek

Flea collars can irritate the skin and may not prevent fleas from biting on the cat’s hindquarters. Some cats experience reactions to other topical products as well. Revolution for cats is a good choice if your cat needs flea prevention but is sensitive to the ingredients of other flea control medications.

Heartworm is a problem that mostly gets attention in dogs. However, it can occur in cats as well, and can be fatal. Revolution is approved for the prevention of heartworm when applied on a monthly basis.

The active ingredient in Revolution breaks the flea’s reproductive cycle and kills adult fleas. When first applied, it kills adults within 24 hours. A few new fleas may hatch from eggs that are already in the home, but these fleas will also be killed once they jump on your cat, and no new eggs will be laid.

Revolution for cats is available in different sizes depending on the age and weight of your cat. It can be started on kittens as young as 6 weeks old, so there is no reason any cat needs to have fleas. In order to provide the best protection, it is important to choose the appropriate size, which may mean you need to weigh your cat. The kitten size covers cats up to 2.5kg, after which they need to transition to the cat size.

It is easy to administer Revolution because it comes in single-use applicators. All that is necessary is to puncture the top of the tube according to the directions, and squeeze the contents onto the cat’s skin. The most important part of the application process is to part the cat’s fur so that the liquid reaches the skin.

Revolution is usually applied to the skin on the back of the neck where the cat cannot reach. This prevents the cat from ingesting the liquid by licking it off. Revolution dries very quickly and thus does not tend to rub off on things the way other topicals can.

It is easy to remember to apply Revolution to your pet with the included stickers. Placing one of these on the calendar makes it simple to keep track of when your cat’s next dose is due. Regular treatment breaks the flea’s reproductive cycle and kills any adult fleas from outside sources, which means no more fleas in your home.

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