What does the body language of my cat mean?

Cute Kitten Sitting on a Keyboard

Have you ever wondered what your cat’s trying to tell you with its body language? If so, what does it mean? Well, here’s your chance to know with these classic cat characteristics!

This is a trait that you’ll find in all cats. It involves the feline pushing its paws into a gentle surface, changing between its left and right paws as it goes. Although some might think so, this is not an effort to get that cushion or quilt into that perfect position. Experts believe it is not this but in fact a characteristic that has come about from when the cat was a kitten, when the kitty would press on its mum for milk.

Tail wagging
We all know that dogs wag their tails when they’re happy or excited. However, it is the opposite with cats. Why? Because when they wag their tails it is to communicate with us that they’re frustrated or angry. Don’t be alarmed at this sudden behaviour. This is because your kitty has probably got a big decision to make and it is frustrated with what it should do.

Oh no! Not the same kitty biscuits again!
Oh dear! Is that the same dinner you just served up to me from the night before, and the night before that? That is one definite way to turn a feline off its food. To keep your kitty interested with each meal, make sure you serve up a variety of food. For example, offer dry or wet food or occasional treats for your feline to keep it happy.

You’re mine!
Awwwwww!!! That is so cute! You believe your cat was being loving towards you by rubbing itself on your leg, but it’s probably the fact that it’s marking its territory and trying to communicate that you are hers. Everything is hers! Cats love to rub against furniture too.

Contributed by Elizabeth Mulliss. Reference: Doggies & Moggies, No. 1, from Independent Grocers. Main image by DougWoods, 2007.

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