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Similar to the Bi-Colour Persian, the Calico Persian is another breed of cat defined by the patches of white on their coat. This cat is an offshot of the Tortoiseshell Persian, meaning that their tortoiseshell patterning is offset with patches of brilliant white. The difference between the bi-colour and the Calico is that on the bi-colour has only two flat colours, whilst the Calico has patches of white, and patches of patterned fur. Calico Persians were officially recognised in 1950 in England as a division of their own amongst Persians.

The coloration of the patterning on the Calico Persians can often be a variety of colours, depending on the mother and fathers genetic makeup. For example, you could have aTortie-White Calico Persian, but just as easily you might also be able to find a Blue-Cream Calico Persian. Their coat patterning makes them an uncommon variety as breeders do not often aim to produce this pedigree, though not “rare”, and you should be able to find this variety easily if you are looking to adopt one into your family.

The name for this breed of cat used to differ between England and America, though to day both regions refer to this breed as Calico. In England, this breed was originally referred to as Chintz, though this is no longer used. Their standards also differ as to what is acceptable as a pedigree cat of this variety. In the United Kingdom Standard, any degree of white patterning is deemed acceptable, however in the American Standard well-defined patches of white and patterning are required.

So what should you look for if you are thinking of showing your cat off? It is most desirable to have the combination of Black, Red and White Tortoiseshell. The white should cover the feet, legs, undersides, chest and muzzle. Less white than this minimum is seen as undesirable in a true pedigree Calico/Chintz. The most valued eye colour of the Calico is a brilliant copper or blue, or even an odd-eyed combination of the two. There is an exception to this though in the Standard is that the Silver or Blue and White Calico cats may have green or hazel eyes to go in combination with their lighter coat coloration. Again, odd-eyed is acceptable, though you should look for equal depth in colour in all odd-eyed occurrences.

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Breed Information Panel

Coat – Thick, long and silky with full neck frill and bushy tail.

Eyes – Deep orange or copper.

Other Features – Depending on the dominant colour of the cat this can vary. Nose leather and paw pads in either pink or black.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised, special care on white parts.

Temperament – Placid.

Calico/Chintz Persian Picture Gallery

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Images are via: One More CatDollface Persian Kittens, IvyCat, Catwells, Liz Top Cat and CatShow.

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