Longhair Cats : Cameo Persian



The birth of the Cameo Persians was initially not a desired outcome in breeding programs, and in fact came about quite by accident. Thankfully the aesthetic of the breed was valued and in the 1950’s it became officially recognised as a breed of its own in the United States.

The coat on this breed of cat is what clearly defines it from its closely related Chinchilla counterparts.

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Thick, dense and silky, full frill at neck and shoulders.

Eyes – Large, round, deep orange or copper.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised.

Temperament – Placid.

Cameo Persian Picture Gallery

cameo-persian-cat-1 cameo-persian-cat-3 cameo-persian-cat-4cameo-persian-cat-5

Images via: TV15HoppegartenCat Facts and Fairy4U.

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