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The Chocolate Persian cat originated from a cross breed between the Blue Persian and the Chocolate Point Siamese, and although this was not originally the breed that was intended eventually it became recognised as a breed of its own. It is thought that the Siamese genetics in the breed give a little twinkle in the eye of trouble to this breed – they are known for being a bit saucy!

If you’re thinking of showing your Chocolate Persian in a show, the ideal coat to look for is of a thick silky texture. It must be of medium to dark chocolate coloration, with no marks, shadings or white hairs. A more reddish warm tone to the coat is preferred over a darker flattter brown. Kittens of this breed (similar to the White Persians), may show some discolouration of their coat, though this should disappear when the cat is six to nine months old. The eye colour of this breed should be a rich coppery orange with no gold or green visible.

Not sure what to call your Chocolate Persian cat? Here is a great list of many different chocolate names, my favourites include Cocoa Puff, Chocolaticious, Cocoa Bean and Fudge. Meow they are too cute!

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Think, and silky coats with rich dark coloration.

Eyes – Copper or deep orange with chocolate brown rims.

Other Features – Nose leather and chocolate paw pads.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised.

Temperament – Placid, slightly saucy nature.

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