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It is believed that Golden Persians were originally an off-shot of anomalies in Chinchilla breeding from the 1920’s, which explains why they historically may also go by the name of Golden Chinchillas. However the modern pedigree is known to come from importing Chinchillas into Britain directly from the US in the 1970’s and breeding them with stock from New Zealand (also originally of US descent).

The resulting variation of cat is similar to the chinchilla in facial structure and temperament, however the coat is more of a faded apricot colour which appears to have a sheen of gold in the sunlight. The tipping is sometimes heavier on the tail than ordinary Chinchillas as well, giving a deep golden colour to some areas of the cat. Kittens sometimes have light Tabby patterning which fades once maturation is reached.

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Dense and silky.

Eyes – Emerald or blue-green with eye rims in brown or black.

Other Features – Nose leather brick red outlined with brown or black, paw pads in black.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised.

Temperament – Placid.

Golden Persian Picture Gallery

Golden-persian-cat-2 Golden-persian-cat-3

Images via: IndianSpirits and Ermes. Researching this article I found it really hard to find many good images of Golden Chinchillas / Persians available on the internet. If you have a photo of your cat you would like to add to this little collection please do contact me and I will happily put it up for others to enjoy.

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