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The Lilac Persian, similar to the Chocolate Persian, is another offshoot of the breeding between Chocolate Point longhairs and the Blue Persians. Again, this breed has some of the characteristics of the Siamese, a little troublesome personality and playful independent spirit. They are happy to amuse themselves with their antics, but also are very friendly and enjoy the company of human companionship so bond easily with their owners.

When looking at a the ideal pedigree of Lilac Persian, you will see that their coat is thick and silky with a warm tone and even in colour (warm lilac and also a pinkish tone). When a male and female pedigree Lilac cat mate, the result is only ever a perfect pedigree Lilac Kitten. This is not only shown in Persian Lilacs, but also in Oriental Shorthair Siamese and British Shorthair.

There is not much information about Lilac Persian cats available readily on the internet as this pedigree breed is of the more rare variety, though there are a few fanciers associations dedicated to Lilac Persian cats. For example, why not check out chocolatecats.com which specialises in Chocolat and Lilac cats, as well as The Cat Fanciers Association which has some good information about Persian cats as well. In fact – I found it quite difficult to get a good selection of pedigree images of the Lilac Persian variety on the internet. Hopefully this information post has helped you learn more about Lilac’s too!

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Thick and silky with lilac and pinkish tone.

Eyes – Copper or deep orange with lilac rims.

Other Features – Nose leather and paw pads in lilac.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised.

Temperament – Placid, independent and spirited.

Lilac Persian Picture Gallery

Lilac-persian-cat-1 Lilac-persian-cat-4

Images via: AvisCatanimalsgbkaydekatz and tuleburg.

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