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Breeding a pedigree cat and ensuring that its genealogy is maintaining a high standard is not the easiest thing in the world – which would explain why the Red Persian cat was in the last few decades one of the rarest feline varieties. Pure Red Persians can only be bred from parents who, as kittens had a fine-mackerel striped coat and long fur or bright-intense red colours.

For a show cat, you should look closely at the coat. Check to see that there are no white hairs and the coloration is bright and even. A slight discolouration around the forehead and legs is acceptable (although not desirable). Look for tabby style markings in the light, these are visible in most young Red Persians as the red coloration in the genes cannot mask the original striping entirely. Once the cat has matured entirely these marking will be harder to see and the red coat will appear as though its thinker and shinier. Make sure your Red Persian has somewhere sunny to lie, and brush them regularly to keep their coat shiny and silky.

Judges as shows might look for characteristics like a shorter nose, like most cats of the Persian variety. Its interesting to note that Red Persians in general seem to have a wider facial structure than other persians. They also will moult in the Summer months, and lose their top coat – though this will grow back again in the winter. Another interesting fact is that although Red Persians are generally born with blue eyes, once they mature their eye colour will generally change to be copper or deep orange.

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Thick and silky brilliant red.

Eyes – Copper or deep orange, rims in deep pink.

Other Features – Nose leather and paw pads in deep pink.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised.

Temperament – Placid with a bit of pizzaz!

Red Persian Picture Gallery

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How adorable are these Red Persian kittens. Images are via: Jim Child, The Brisbane TimesOpCatChat, PetsAds and sequoyahs.

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