Longhair Cats : Shaded Silver Persian



The Shaded Silver Persian is personally one of my most favourite long haired cats. Its beautiful silver coat is so refined and elegant and its facial structure is not as flat as many other Persian varieties. It is believed that Silver Shaded Persians were bred from a combination of Chinchillas and self-coloured longhairs to try and improve the sizing and general appearance of the cat.

Like the Chinchilla, the best colour for the undercoat is completely white. Though whereas in the Chinchilla the silvery sheen is only very subtle, the Silver Shaded Persian exhibits a very dark and resounding tipping in black (never blue) across the back, flanks, face, legs and tail. The chin, chest stomach and inner leg should be pure white for the best results when showing the cat. Tabby marking are very undesirable in this variation of the breed.

Scroll down and check out the image gallery below for some lovely pictures of Shaded Silver Persian cats. My favourite is the last one – an image from the Vogue Italia issue of November 2011. Ahh what beautiful kitties!

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Very Thick, dense and silky.

Eyes – Emerald or blue-green.

Other Features – Nose leather brick red outlined with black, paw pads in black.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised.

Temperament – Placid, sometimes livelier than other Persians.

Shaded Silver Persian Picture Gallery

Silver-Shaded-persian-cat-2 Silver-Shaded-persian-cat-3Silver-Shaded-persian-cat-4

Images are via: Gourdo1, Andrey, and Andrey again (all via Wikimedia) Lastly, the above image from Vogue 2011 is via Shensilvers.

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