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The Smoke Persian Pedigree of cat originated from the interbreeding of Chinchilla, Blue and Black Persian cats. The most traditional form of the Smoke Persian Cat is the coloration of black, blues and greys as seen in the gallery of pictures above and below. However, with more introduction and mixing of genetics it has recently become more common to see Smoke Persians with things of chocolate and reds in their coats.

The main characteristic to look for in a show quality Smoke Persian is the contrast between the coloration in the coat. The cat above is a good example of this, with the black a striking contrast between the grey maned collar of the cat. The eyes should be in a bright orange colour, very round and large is the most desirable.

There are a few specific health concerns with Smoke Persians, so if you are considering purchasing this cat you should take note so that you aware in advance. The most notable is that Blue smoke Persians are predisposed to Chédiak-Higashi syndrome. This is a recessive trait in the genetics of the cat which is known to result in recurrent infections, partial albinism and peripheral nerve damage. Checking regularly to ensure that your cat has not come down with any infection is a good way to look out for this syndrome. If you are concerned – make sure you go to a vet and get your cat checked out as soon as possible. Click the link above to learn more about the syndrome.

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Thick, dense and silky, full frill at neck and shoulders.

Eyes – Large, round and bright copper-orange.

Other Features – Nose leather and paw pads in black.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised.

Temperament – Placid.

Smoke Persian Picture Gallery

All the below images are via Almathea cattery, photos of their past kittens. They are based in Poland so if you are in Europe and looking for a Smoke Persian I suggest you head over to their website and have a good look.

smoke-persian-cat-1 smoke-persian-cat-2 smoke-persian-cat-3 smoke-persian-cat-4 smoke-persian-cat-5

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