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The Tabby Persian is an elegant cat, with a mottled coat of generally two main tones and gradations patterned throughout. Owners of this particular breed of cat must be cautious to not over-groom the cat and diminish their patterning. Whilst a full and soft coat is still highly desirable, over grooming and puffing of the coat will result in a less pronounced tabby patterning over time.

There are three main types of Tabby Persian recognised as pedigree including the Red, Brown and Silver Tabbies. Generally the ideal patterning to look for in each of these different colours remains the same though. Look for triple lines running down the length of the cats back, a slight butterfly in shape over the shoulders and also spiralling on the flanks. The legs and tail of the cat should ideally have darker and evenly spaced lines trom joint to toe and the underbelly should also have a slightly spotted appearance to the coat. In America, variations of the coat which are considered desirable include “Spotted”, “Mackerel” and “Tickled Tabby”, thought the United Kingdom standard only recognises variations of coat which are blotched or marbled.

When looking at the eye colour of your Tabby Persian for show, it is preferred that the Red Tabbies have rich ginger eyes to match their coat. The Silver Persians eye colour have been much under debate in the United Kingdom, though its thought that green or hazel are the most desirable. Though as this is said, any eye colour would complement the silver coat beautifully.

Even though Red, Brown and Silver are the most desirable with changes in time and breeding programs expanding its interesting to see that varieties of Cream, Lilac and Cameo Tabby are also slowly being introduced. These may be a little harder to find if you are looking for one specifically though as the Red Tabby still remains the most popular, and thus more breeders aim to produce this coat in their litters.

One interesting fact about Tabbies is that the Brown Tabby line of pedigree can be traced back almost exclusively to a breeder called Frances Simpson from the 1800’s. One of her show champion cats is thought to be the head of this strong line on pedigree. Many of these cats are now being introduced worldwide as interest  grows.

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Thick and silky, though often shorter than other Longhair Varieties

Eyes – Tortoiseshell: Copper or Orange with no green rim. Silver: Green or Hazel.

Other Features – Brown: Nose leather in brick red, paw pads in black or brown. Red: Nose and paw pads in deep pink. Silver: Nose leather in brick red, black paw outline with black paw pads.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised, special care advised to bring out and maintain markings on coat.

Temperament – Placid.

Red Tabby Persian Picture Gallery

Red-Tabby-persian-cat-1 Red-Tabby-persian-cat-2

Images via: Graffio Persians, Elige and pers-breeders.

Brown Tabby Persian Picture Gallery

Brown-Tabby-persian-cat-1 Brown-Tabby-persian-cat-2

Images via: picstopin and Persierina.

Silver Persian Picture Gallery

Silver-Tabby-persian-cat-2 Silver-Tabby-persian-cat-3

Images via: CatteryCZ and AnimalSavvy.

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