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The coat of the White Persian cat is owed to the pedigree purity of the Angora Cat from Turkey. Angora cats of today are much different to to the pedigree of traditional Angoras from Turkey. These cats were prized for their brilliant snow white silky coats, and were the most sought after pedigree of the time. White Persians came about as a cross breed from the traditional angora with the Persian cats of the 1800’s.

As kittens you may see some discolouration of fur on the tops of their heads, but in a true pedigree this should disappear by the time the cat reaches nine months. Maintaining that perfect glistening coat can be tricky, but absolutely worth the effort as an owner. Thankfully, White Persians actually really enjoy cleaning themselves meticulously, but being a long haired cat they do still require attention by their owners to maintain the perfect coat. Without care, the coat may begin to yellow over time, especially around the areas of the face, legs and tail as these receive the most “wear” by activities of the cat.

There are three distinct varieties of White Persian which can be broken up by eye colour. Check out the breed box below for more information about eye colour. Sadly its quite common for the blue-eyed variety of White Persian to become deaf, and the odd-eyed to become deaf in the ear closest to the blue eye. This is thought to be due to a problem in the genetics of the pedigree breed.

The position of the ears on the head of the White Persian can even effect whether they are suited to be a true show pedigree. The ears must be quite small and set more the the sides of the head, rather than near the top. Their head structure is of a very flat nature, with the nose not protruding too far from the face in a perfect pedigree cat.

Breed Information Panel

Coat – Thick, dense, silky, full frill at neck and shoulders.

Eyes – There are actually three recognised pedigree variety eye colours. These include blue, orange and odd-eyed varieties. Blue eyed white persian cats have blue eyes with deeper shades on blue preferred, rims in pink. Orange eyed white persians have copper or deep orange with pink rims. Odd-eyed white persians have one eye blue and one eye orange / deep copper, with rims in pink.

Other Features – Nose leather and pink paw pads.

Grooming – Demanding, thorough and daily is advised.

Temperament – Placid.

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white_persian_cat5 white_persian_cat6 white_persian_cat1 white_persian_cat2 white_persian_cat4 Images are via cat-rescue, goodfon, comcastwallpaperan, Cattery White, and catsadoption.

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