7 Random Cat Facts for your Caturday

Cute artwork of a vietnamese cat

Here are some interesting facts for your Caturday. I didnt know about the six-toed cats, how random!

  1. Six-toed kittens are so common in Boston and surrounding areas of Massachusetts that experts consider it an established mutation. (Imange via dogbreedinfo.com)
    Polydactyl Cat Feet 6 toes
  2. The silks created by weavers in Baghdad were inspired by the beautiful and varied colors and markings of cat coats. These fabrics were called “tabby” by European traders. (And truly tabby cats are beautiful, I love my Oscar!)
  3. Cat families usually play best in even numbers. Cats and kittens should be acquired in pairs whenever possible. However, this can also mean that they get up to more mischief together as well haha!
  4. Cats lived with soldiers in trenches, where they killed mice during World War I. Don’t think I would like to be a cat in the trenches, it would be far too loud. I hope none of the poor kitties got hurt 🙁 Image viaTumblr)
    Cats in the trenches during the wars
  5. A male cat is called a “tom” (or a “gib,” if neutered), and a female is called a “molly” or “queen.” The father of a cat is its “sire,” and mother is its “dam.” An immature cat of either sex is called a “kitten.” A group of cats is a “clowder.”
  6. Cat litter was “invented” in 1947 when Edward Lowe asked his neighbor to try a dried, granulated clay used to sop up grease spills in factories. (In 1990, Mr. Lowe sold his business for $200 million.)
  7. The cat does not exist in the Chinese Zodiac, but it does in the Vietnamese version, instead of rabbit. Meow, I love this artwork of a cute Vietnamese cat via Alley Cat Rescue Inc’s blogstop page. Apparently 2011 was the year of the cat.
    Cute artwork of a vietnamese cat

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