Fact : Cloned Cat Little Nicky

Little nicky cloned cat

Little nicky cloned cat

Did you know that one of the most expensive cats ever is named Little Nicky. He cost his owner $50,000 and is a clone of an older cat – aptly the original cat was named Nicky! The owner, who remains only known as Julie, was heart broken when Nicky passed away after 17 years together in 2003. So she banked his DNA and asked scientists to create a clone using the DNA. Little Nicky was presented to her in early 2004, and he is seen in these pictures of the kitten at 8-9 weeks old. The owner was located in Texas at the time.

There was of course controversy at the time, with some animal rights groups saying that the money spent on cloning one cat could have gone to helping thousands of animals at shelters around the nation. However this was this womans own personal money, so I guess she could spend it as she saw fit – and she truly missed her Nicky it seems.

Scientists have done studies to show that the cloned animal would not always look like the original – and in fact one such cloned cat named CC was not identical to its mother at all. Little Nicky was lucky though and looked rather like the original Nicky, much to his owners satisfaction. “He is identical. His personality is the same”.

As an end to it all, the company who cloned the cats went out of business. And we are yet to hear how the life of Little Nicky turned out. I hope Julia is truly happy with her little baby and he lives to at least 17+ years.

Images are via NBC and SeattlePI.

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