Fast Facts About Furry Felines

Cute little kitten

Cute little kitten

Here are some fascinating facts about cats:

  • Never feed dog food to a cat.  Why?  Because it can cause blindness.  Dog food lacks taurine, which is a nutrient essential for your feline’s health.  Taurine helps to keep their hearts healthy and their eyesight sharp.
  • Fresh tap water contains chlorine, which irritates the sensitive parts of a cat’s nose.  Before giving tap water to a cat, let it sit for 24 hours.
  • Some kittens, especially shorthair breeds, prefer a tent-like bed.  It provides privacy while napping and keeps them warmer.
  • Whiskers can also indicate a cat’s mood.  They point forward when a cat is friendly and curious, and lie flat on the face when a cat is being aggressive or defensive.
  • Felines barely ever meow at another cat.  They use this vocalisation mainly to communicate with humans.
  • Cute or what?!  The pupils of a cat’s eyes may expand as much as four times when it nears its feed bowl.
  • Just one pair of felines and their kittens can produce 420,000 kittens in only seven years!
  • Weird or what?!  Genghis Kahn was famous for hating cats, as were Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great.  Ailurophobia (cat hate) was also well-known with Benito Mussolini, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler … all men firm on taking over the world.
  • The feline breed, Maine Coon, is the official cat of the US State of Maine.
  • Felines have AB blood groups exactly like humans.
  • “Ailurophile” is the official word for cat lovers.
  • Cat nose pads are unique, like human fingerprints.

I hope every cat lover, or ailurophile, who read this article, learned something new about their furry friend.

Written by Elizabeth Mulliss


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