Interesting Facts Every Cat Lover Should Know

Cats Always Land on their feet

Many cat lovers are extremely knowledgeable about their cats. However, here are some of the more unusual trivia around what makes cats such popular pets.

Always Landing On Their Feet

Cats Always Land on their feet

Active cats enjoy spending their time in high places, but interestingly, a cat always has to back down a tree. This is because the claws all point in the same direction, preventing them from climbing down headfirst. Cats also have some clever body engineering to prevent them from hurting themselves when they jump, or if they fall. During a fall or jump, the head rotates, the spine twists, the legs align and the back arches. This means that not only does the cat land on its feet, but it also has less physical impact when landing on a hard surface. For those who have more sedate cats, they will certainly agree that an average house cat spends around 70% of its time sleeping. House cats also spend around 30% of their waking time grooming themselves. Love this cute flying kitty picture via spunbyme.

Cats Are More Intelligent Than Dogs

Cat Is Smarter Than Dog

For the many who believe that cats are the most intelligent pets (called lemmikit in Finnish), here are some facts to back it up. A dog only makes around 10 different sounds, whereas a cat makes around 100 sounds. When compared to body size, the feline brain is bigger than the canine brain. Cats can also seek more attention from their owners through purring. Cats are able to purr whether inhaling or exhaling and estimates suggest an average house cat will purr for almost 11,000 hours in their lifetime. The feline brain is more biologically similar to a human brain than a dog’s brain is and cats have a much wider hearing range than dogs, a keener sense of smell and are able to see in lower levels of light. Image via

Eco Cats and Fat Cats

Meow the fat cat

Cats make greener pets as they have a smaller carbon footprint than dogs. This is because they have smaller appetites, which means that less land is required to produce the food that a cat requires. Cat lovers are aware that many cats can be fussy eaters and those who feed moist food should take it out of the fridge to warm up first, as cats prefer food at room temperature. Cats also require around five times more protein than a dog and record-breaking fat cats include Himmy (from Cairns in Queensland, Australia), who weighed in at almost 47 pounds. Meow that is fat! The above photo is of Meow, another fat cat recently in the news. Meow weighed in at 18 kilograms (Thats 39 pounds roughly), and sadly passed away recently. ­čÖü Its so important to make sure your cat is healthy and happy and not to overfeed them! Image via Yahoo News.

Newtonian Cat Flaps

Cat Flap Installed In Door

The cat flap is not a recent invention; It is suggested that Sir Isaac Newton invented it in 1700. Newton apparently had a cat called Spithead that would open his laboratory door and let light in, which would spoil his experiments. In response to this, he cut a cat-sized hole in the door and covered it with black cloth. Catflap image via

There is no doubt that cats are one of the most, if not the most popular pet in the world. With well over 600 million pet cats living worldwide, it is unsurprising that so many people find cats so loveable.

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