Top 5 Cat Breeds 2014


From a 2014 poll, results were brought forth to show Australia’s top 5 most favourite cat breeds. The winners of the poll were:

#5 The Siamese: These cats can be verbally demanding, but don’t let that fool you; they are also very affectionate, loving and social. This breed can be at times nervous, and are also prone to keeping routine. They come in a range of colours, with darker patches on the points of their bodies.

#4 The Abyssinian: This is an intelligent cat that loves to explore and play in just about anywhere it can reach. These cats also have a particular passion for water and love to have a swim. Even though this breed is known for its curiosity, it can be at times shy around strangers.

#3 The Exotic Shorthair: The Exotic Shorthair is the short-haired version of the Persian. It has a similar temperament to the Persian, but is more curious, lively and serene.

#2 The Maine Coon: It is the largest of the domestic cat breeds and is native to Maine. For it to become fully grown, it takes three or four years. It has very thick, waterproof fur and a long tail which it can rap around itself in winter to keep warm. This breed is a popular because of its temperament, its toughness and its gentleness around kids and other animals, including dogs.

#1 The Persian: As one of the oldest cat breeds, it is renowned for its long, silky fur, beautiful eyes and squashed face.  This cat is serene and affectionate, is a creature of habit and loves calm environments. Since it has very long fur, it needs frequent baths and grooming to keep its fur shiny and silky. These cats are best suited to life indoors.

Keep in mind these cat breeds when choosing your companion, to get the best breed for you.

Written by Elizabeth Mulliss

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