Amazing Cat Sculptures



Having myself studied art and design for many years, I have a love of all things creative. One of the things I love is sculpture, and combining this with my love of all things feline I created a cute little gallery of some amazing cat sculptures.

The main image above is a “junk” sculpture, created out of found objects. I think personally its beautiful in a quirky way. Definitely catches the eye! Via Recyclart.


How cool is this one done as though batman was a cat. Its very angular and to me, masculine. Its a marble sculpture by the Swiss sculptor Edouard-Marcel Sandoz. His style is very Art Nouveau and Art Deco (Personally, my favourite time periods for art and design). Via Neatorama3black-cat-sculpture

So elegant and simple, this beautiful black cat sculpture if a fantastic centrepiece for your house. I find it a very feminine piece too, with the elongated soft lines and elegant silhouette. You can purchase it for £45 via TattyPussUK.4colourful-cat-wall-hanging

Wow – this is a crazy one! It’s called “Cosmic Cat”, and I think its eyes would just be too crazy to have on the wall of my house. I’d feel like it was watching me all the time! I do love the colours though, its made with polymer clay. Via Flickr.


Now these wooden cat and mouse scultpures are just adorable. They are so simplistic and the smallest outline gives so much character to the pieces. The set is for sale for $59 USD from allthingsdesigner.


As a finale to this little gallery, here is a beautiful family of three Murano glass sculptures. This is what the website says about the sculptures: These sleek,contemporary cat sculptures are hand-made in sublime Murano glass using the ‘sbruffi’ technique, whereby layers of molten coloured glass are added one at a time, by immersion. They are elegant, refined and completely exquisite and I would just love love to have one one day. Hehe sadly they cost a small fortune. One small sculpture will set you back £151.20, and the family pictured above costs a whopping £943.92. Ahh j’adore these sculptures… via

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