Beautiful Photorealistic Sketches Of Cats



As an artist myself I adore pencil sketches. Here is a gallery of some beautifully intricate and amazing photorealistic feline artworks by Paul Lung. Each of these sketches have taken about a month of his time, working for three to four hours each day. Thank you for sharing these beautiful artworks with the world Paul, you are truly talented. You can find more great artwork via Paul’s Deviant Art webpage.

Paul-Lung-Cat-Pencil-Sketches7 Paul-Lung-Cat-Pencil-Sketches6 Paul-Lung-Cat-Pencil-Sketches5 Paul-Lung-Cat-Pencil-Sketches4 Paul-Lung-Cat-Pencil-Sketches3 Paul-Lung-Cat-Pencil-Sketches2 Paul-Lung-Cat-Pencil-Sketches1

Here are some great photos from Paul Lungs photostream showing how he draws his images. Beautiful work!



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