Birthdays are better with cat themed cakes



Well, looks like I’m one more year older again… so I feel like its time again for another post on cat themed cake. My fave here is possibly Tard the grumpy cat’s themed cake. I want one! 

2-grumpy-cat-themed-cake 3-Hello-Kitty-Yellow-cake 4--Grumpy-Cat-Cookies

Ok so these are Tard The Grumpy Cat Valentines Day cookies not cakes, but they are just so so adorable I had to include them.

5-cute-cat-yarn-cake 6-white-simple-cake-cat-topper-wedding 7-orange-cat-on-green-cake 8-adorable-baby-cat-cake-kitten

But wait, theres more cat themed cakes just a click away. Show me mmmmeeeoowwwww cat themed cakes.

For your reference, here are the websites we found this wonderful selection of cat themed cakes on: Grumpy Cat Cakes, Grumpy Cookies, Hello Kitty Cake, Wedding Cake, Spotted Cake, Green Cake and Baby Cake. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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