Celebrate with Cat Themed Cake!

Cat cake

Cat cake

We’re proud to say that Catnipsum has been up and running for the last month now, so to celebrate how happy we are to finally be up here on the interwebs, we’ve collected a few of our fave cat decorated cake images to share with you… yum!

Nyan Cat Cake

Nyan Cat cake – via Pinterest.

Cheshire Cake

Cheshire Cat cake – via Pinterest.

Ball of String cat cake

Red ball of string cat cake – via Beautiful Birthday Cakes UK

White cat wedding cake

White cat wedding cake – via Photobucket

Halloween Cat Cake Toppers

Halloween Cat Cake Toppers – via kimvallee

Cat Tier Cake

Cat Tier Cake – via Pinterest

White Pawprint Cake

White Pawprint Cake – via rebeccahmay

Soft Pink Cat Cake

Soft Pink Cat Cake – via themedcakes

Cat Marshmallow Cake

Cat Marshmallow Cake – via Pinterest


The items above are just a few simple and easy ways you can make your own cat themed cake. You could simply buy a cake shaped tin, or even just buy cat faced cake toppers to put on your cupcakes. Meow, they will disappear as soon as you bake them! Main image at top is via: Jill

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