Famous Cartoon Cats


There are many famous cartoon cats who have made their mark on history. Personally my fave is probably Tigger, he’s so happy and bouncy all the time. Here are a few of the most famous…


Arlene is Garfields lady friend and one of the only ones in his comic that can match his wit. The big gap between her two front teeth give her all the personality she needs. And pink is so so cute for a cat! Meow!


The Cat in The Hat is probably the most charismatic character of the Dr Seuss books, the Cat in the Hat teaches us all to enjoy the ride. Love that movie 🙂


Perhaps one of the best parts of  Alice in Wonderland is the smarmy Cheshire Cat offering his brand of frustratingly useless advice. Tehehe he is a naughty one. Love his stripes and brilliant smile.


The adorable cat, Felix is from the silent film era. He first appeared in 1919! Wow thats a long time ago.


Maybe one of the most widely known cat cartoon,Garfield is one cat with attitude. He is exceedingly lazy, enjoys lasagna and teasing dogs. Hehe I love a ginger cat.


Hello Kitty doesn’t say much, but her face pops up everywhere we look. She’s a massive figure in Japanese animation and culture.


Pink Panther originally was the name for the Pink Diamond in a series about a bumbling French detective… until he became a star in cartoons from 1964 to 1980.


Puss in Boots was originally from a French fable but hit the limelight in the Shrek series recently. This cats got some serious pazazz!


Simba is such a bittersweet story, though his tale won our hearts as he triumphed to become the Lion King. Roar!


Snowball is best known for her hairballs and random involvement in episodes of the Simpsons cartoon series. There were actually a few snowballs if I remember correctly…


Sylvester is always trying to catch Tweety, thankfully with little succcess! This Warner Brothers Merry Melodies cartoon always makes me laugh.


Tigger is spelt T-I-double G-R and is the ridiculously energetic friend of Pooh Bear (Who lives under the name of Mr. Sanders). This great guy is always bouncing somewhere and is full or positivity and smiles for his friends.


Tom the cat is from a series of theatrical animated films created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera from 1943 all the way up until today.

Main image cartoon character pop art via www.cartoonlogodesigns.com

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