Meow – These cats are wet!



Theres something so sad, mad and entirely amusing about a wet cat. Some cats love water and other hate it, but cats do need to have a bath sometimes! Here are some of the best photos of wet cats, and a cool video at the end as well! Check out this sweet surfie cat chilling on a surfboard via dalje. Check out the link for heaps more photos of surfing cats.

tiger-swimming-in-a-pool-with-girlThis big tiger sure isn’t afraid of the water. He loves being right in the pool – what a cool guy! Via TheSun.

adorable-swimming-catCute tabby cat swimming in the pool via lovelyish.

cat-playing-with-tap-in-sinkCat playing with tap water via mattgeorge.

cat-who-sits-under-tap-in-sinkAdorable tabby cat with water flowing over his head via buzzlol.

swimming-cat-who-loves-poolsCheck out this cat called Prinny, a two year old persian cat who adores swimming – she even goes to swimming lessons! Via the Courier Mail.

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