All About Garfield The Cat

Garfield The Cat

Garfield The Cat

Perhaps one of the most famous cartoon cats of all time, Garfield is a big orange ball of fun. Garfield originally began as a comic strip, created by the wonderful Jim Davis, who is also known for his comic strips of Tumbleweeds, Gnorm Gnat and U.S. Acres.

History of Garfield

The first comic strip was published on June 19, 1978 and is all about Garfield, his owner Jon Arbuckle and the resident pet canine, Odie. Its believed that the comic strip series is based in Indiana, the home of the writer. Mainly the themes of the comic strips revolve around just how lazy Garfield is, how much he LOVES lasagna and of course his hatred of mondays and dieting. Really he sounds more human than you think when you write it like that, personally I know heaps of people who are exactly like Garfield! Heres a full list of the major characters in the Garfield comic strip series (to the best of my knowledge):

  • Jon Arbuckle (Garfields owner) first appearance June 19, 1978
  • Odie (The pet dog) first appearance August 8, 1978
  • Dr Liz Wilson (Garfields vet, Jon’s crush and later girlfriend) first appearance June 26, 1979
  • Arlene (Garfields girlfriend) first appearance December 17, 1980
  • Pooky (Garfield’s teddy bear)first appearance October 23, 1978
  • Nermal (Garfields nemesis, the self proclaimed cutest kitten in the world) first appearance September 3, 1979
  • Lyman (Jons friend and roommate for a while) first appearance August 7, 1978
  • Jon’s Family (Including his mum, dad, brother “doc boy” and grandmother)
  • Garfields Family (Including his mum and grandfather)

Over time the comic strip became more and more popular. I believe as it stands today there are FIVE Garfield movies, hundreds of websites about Garfield (and one main one), cartoon series, video games, a stage show and of course many many comic books. The popularity of the Garfield comic strip recently cracked a Guinness World Record for being the worlds most published comic strip, now published in over 2580 different newspapers and journals! Congratulations to Garfield and Jim Davis!

Shop Garfield

Garfield has been so popular over the years that many different form of merchandise have been set up. Wonderful news for us! Just a few of the kinds of things that have been made include toys, dolls, DVD’s, clothes, games and so so much more. Its great to see an artist who’s quirky cartoon character cat has rewarded him so greatly and made him so famous. See sidebar or below for recommended Garfield products!

Watch Garfield

We love Garfield, so here is one of my favorite clips to share with you. It is a hilarious episode about poor Jons dating history. Ahh Jon, we all feel a little sad for you in this one. 🙂

We love Garfields as a cartoon cat character and hope that Jim Davis does not mind us sharing images of his wonderful creation with you all here today. All the images and the cartoon is of course copyright Jim and we thoroughly encourage you to buy some comic books and DVD’s to support Garfield long into the future.

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