Cat Versus The Internet : Cartoon

Cat Versus te internet cartoon


Cat Versus te internet cartoonSometimes its hard for your kitty to get your attention because of all that time you spend on your computer looking at animated GIF’s of cats… This hilarious comic from The Oatmeal just made me laugh. It does explain my life a little I think for my cat… I spend wayyyy too much time with my laptop haha!

Cat-versus-the-internet1 Cat-versus-the-internet2 Cat-versus-the-internet3 Cat-versus-the-internet4 Cat-versus-the-internet5 Cat-versus-the-internet6 Cat-versus-the-internet7 Cat-versus-the-internet8 Cat-versus-the-internet9 Cat-versus-the-internet10 Cat-versus-the-internet11 Cat-versus-the-internet12 Cat-versus-the-internet13 Cat-versus-the-internet14 Cat-versus-the-internet15 Cat-versus-the-internet16 Cat-versus-the-internet17 Cat-versus-the-internet18 Cat-versus-the-internet19 Cat-versus-the-internet20

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