Mysterious black cat gallery


If I didn’t already have an adorable little tubby tabby, I would certainly befriend a beautiful black cat. Here is a gallery of adorable creative commons black cats and kittens. I hope you enjoy them! Naww how adorable is this black cat being mummy for this little tabby.  Peek a boo! I can still see […]

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Cat News : Catvengers


I adore these illustrations by the very talented Jenny Parks. She is a illustrator in both traditional mediums and photoshop in USA. She describes herself as a scientific illustrator and is obviously very dedicated and passionate about her work. You can purchase her beautiful prints too, so I highly recommend viewing her Etsy store, or […]

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Happy Valentines Day : With Cats!


Naww, I hope everyone is having a romantic Valentines Day! Make sure to pop a few extra treats into your cats bowl before you go off for the day to work, and before you go out to dinner tonight! Heres an adorable collection of Valentines Day cats for you to share with your friends, families […]

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Cats in Classic Movies


I love vintage movies – nothing better to watch on a Sunday with a glass of wine. What better to make a gallery of then cats in classic movies! Here are a few I did (and didn’t) know about. Keep reading to see lots of clips from vintage movies… enjoy!

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Amazing Cat Sculptures


Having myself studied art and design for many years, I have a love of all things creative. One of the things I love is sculpture, and combining this with my love of all things feline I created a cute little gallery of some amazing cat sculptures.

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Beautiful Photorealistic Sketches Of Cats


As an artist myself I adore pencil sketches. Here is a gallery of some beautifully intricate and amazing photorealistic feline artworks by Paul Lung. Each of these sketches have taken about a month of his time, working for three to four hours each day. Thank you for sharing these beautiful artworks with the world Paul, […]

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