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I adore these illustrations by the very talented Jenny Parks. She is a illustrator in both traditional mediums and photoshop in USA. She describes herself as a scientific illustrator and is obviously very dedicated and passionate about her work. You can purchase her beautiful prints too, so I highly recommend viewing her Etsy store, or […]

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All About Garfield The Cat

Garfield The Cat

Perhaps one of the most famous cartoon cats of all time, Garfield is a big orange ball of fun. Garfield originally began as a comic strip, created by the wonderful Jim Davis, who is also known for his comic strips of Tumbleweeds, Gnorm Gnat and U.S. Acres.

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Cat Versus The Internet : Cartoon

Cat Versus te internet cartoon

  Sometimes its hard for your kitty to get your attention because of all that time you spend on your computer looking at animated GIF’s of cats… ThisĀ hilariousĀ comic from The Oatmeal just made me laugh. It does explain my life a little I think for my cat… I spend wayyyy too much time with my […]

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