Cat News : Meatball the supersized cat

Meatball the cat

Oh no! This poor moggie made news recently when he came into an animal care shelter particularly overweight. Meatball as he is known weighs a staggering 36 pounds / 2.5 stone / 16.4kg… And some think he may well be nearing one of the largest cats on record. It’s planned that he will go into […]

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Meet Tommasco, The $13 Million Cat

Worlds richest cat tommasco sitting on elegant couch

Ever wondered who the richest cat in the world was? Well, meet Tommasco, possibly the worlds luckiest cat. He rose from being a street cat to a millionaire, willed the money by the love of his life, Mrs Maria Assunta from Italy. Maria lived to the age of 94, and sadly was a widow with no […]

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Mew Genetics : Perfect Game for CatLadies


oOh so I just found out about this new game thats apparently coming soon for Apple and Android called Mew Genetics. It sounds awesome, like a cross between The Sims and Pokemon with a mad amount of cats involved. According to their blog “The current number of cats in Mew-Genics is…. 25418658283290000000000000 (and growing)”. MEOW […]

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Cat Versus Crocodile

Cat Versus Crocodile in India

I loved watching this video this week of a cat taking on a crocodile at a zoo in India. This little reckless ginger cat is surely living on the edge! He hissed and scratched the croc on the nose twice! Definitely must have been into the catnip that day hehe… To read the full article check out this […]

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Oscar the £50,000 bionic cat


Just read this news story about Oscar the £50,000 bionic cat. Poor baby got caught in a harvester and lost his two back legs. But thanks to two very loving owners and Noel Fitzpatrick, a very skilled surgeon – little Oscar got two bionic legs and had a happy ending 🙂 Read more about Oscar […]

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