Catnipsum + Incstamp

Catnipsum at the Incstamp exhibition

Catnipsum at the Incstamp exhibition

A few weeks ago we launched Catnipsum at an art exhibition called Incstamp – in Brisbane, Australia. We were also caught on camera by the lovely photographer of The Weekend Edition newspaper. Here’s a bit of a read about the event, and some cool shots of Catnipsum and Rach (thats me)!

Pictured above is myself with local designer Claudio Kirac, who I was having a chat with just as the photographer popped up! The other half of Catnipsum was away from the event (boo!), but remains my best supporter.

About Incstamp

IncStamp is a volunteer run project born in 2011 that provides up and coming creatives in Brisbane and its surrounds with new opportunities. It was formed mainly by a group of graduating students from the Queensland College of Arts 2010 graduating class, and also serves as a good excuse for all of us to catch up on a professional and social level and talk about what we love the most – design!

IncStamp curates themed exhibitions, several times a year. What sets IncStamp apart from other exhibition groups in Brisbane is that instead of selecting artists and letting them submit their favourite works, IncStamp writes a themed brief for each exhibition and puts the call out to local upcoming creatives to submit their work. The theme for the exhibition which I presented Catnipsum in was called “Designate“.

Incstamp - Designate exhibition

Designate – The Influence of Design

The brief for IncStamps Designate exhibition was all about how our role as graphic designerscan shape the world around us. Designers could choose to discuss any subject matter they wanted that fitted into this theme. The exhibition was held at Salt House, New Farm  on September 28th 2012. Here’s a bit of the brief taken from their website:

In the current global climate, creatives hold the power to influence change more than ever before. Our role as Designers and Artists is to highlight environmental, social and economic issues and inspire positive action from both businesses and communities at a local, national and global level.Creatives should approach all work with a social conscience, recognising the need for repair and providing positive, practical solutions; whether that simply be calling people to action or creating a product that is an immediate solution to a problem. Those in the creative industries should be at the forefront of social change, using the tools at their disposal today to create a better tomorrow.

So how does Catnipsum fit into this theme of design influence?

Catnipsum - The Print

Catnipsum – Supporting Cats Everywhere

When Ben and I initially thought of the idea for Catnipsum, we only initially thought of the fun element of the ipsum generator. As a graphic designer, I use ipsum almost every day. It gets a bit boring after a while! Soo, with a complete love for everything feline, and a feeling like we should make some mischief of the interwebs we set out in creating Catnipsum. Ben is brilliant – I originally wanted the name Catipsum, but Ben bent the name around and made up Catnipsum. Genius! So thus we became!

So how does Catnipsum fit into the Designate theme? We here at Catnipsum believe that all cats should have a safe place to live, a warm set of arms to cuddle, a fresh dish of food, and access to medicine to keep them healthy. Catnipsum is proud to be the first lorem ipsum generator on the internet with a true mission to assist charities in bringing these things to cats. We are also very proud to be corporate supporters of RSPCA Queensland! We will be working with them to try and find homes for pets in need (not just cats), by featuring kitty bio’s here on our website and facebook.

We aim to connect with other graphic designers who have a playful mind at work, and a place in their heart (and hopefully homes) for a few adorable cats. We have made this website fun by really bringing out the “catnip” theme amongst the pages. I also designed an infographic about how catnip affects cats. Check it out if you haven’t already, I think its pretty interesting!

Catnipsum getting snapped by Incstamp

At The Exhibition

The exhibition was heaps of fun, there was a range of different works, with complete variation of key topics. Some people went with themes such as political, social and environmental with media such as print, product  fashion design and a few fine art pieces as well. I was the only web design there, though followed it up with a print as well. My print has one word of every single word / phrase used in Catnipsum. There are 225 in total, comprising of cat names, breeds, actions, parts, poems, songs and soo so much more. Incstamp popped a photo of us up on Behance as well, as part of their digital exhibition. You can check it here.

Catnipsum Print

We were snapped by both the Weekend Edition (all of the photos here apart from the black and white one are via them) and also by Incstamp (see above – we’re hiding in the background). We were also mentioned on the blogs of lovely Savannah and Laura.Thanks girls for liking us so much!

Heres a photo of two more of my best supporters – Sam and Jaimi. Thanks guys for your loving , I hope we have heaps more supporters soon 🙂

Some of my best supporters!

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