Meet Tommasco, The $13 Million Cat

Worlds richest cat tommasco sitting on elegant couch

Worlds richest cat tommasco sitting on elegant couch

Ever wondered who the richest cat in the world was? Well, meet Tommasco, possibly the worlds luckiest cat. He rose from being a street cat to a millionaire, willed the money by the love of his life, Mrs Maria Assunta from Italy. Maria lived to the age of 94, and sadly was a widow with no children so had no family to live with her in her last days. Luckily along came Tommasco, who brought joy into her life as only a cat could.

Tommasco is a 4 year old male black street cat, who became the $13 million cat overnight. He has his own house outside Rome and housekeeper, the lovely nurse Stefania who stayed by the side of Maria in her last days. They also have another friend cat living with them too to be a part of the family! Aww what a lucky cat. I’m very sure he will live happily for the rest of his life.

Worlds richest cat tommasco licking his lips

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