Welcoming New Cat Rolo Home For The First Time



Bringing a new cat into a home is a daunting moment for any cat owner – new or expert. Here’s how the staff of www.easyanimal.co.uk got on when they brought Rolo back to the local village. 

Our new addition Rolo the kitten is settling in very well along side my two dogs and thinks she’s one of the gang already which is great.

Preparing for Rolo’s arrival

When deciding to add a cat to our household I had to prepare for several things differently to when you have a dog, the main issue for me was to allow them to leave the house for hours on end. It didn’t seem natural after years of looking after dogs, keeping them safe to suddenly let a pet out unattended however I knew I had to do it.

Luckily the house we live in already had a cat flap so once Rolo was old enough I unlocked it and let her go out to explore. She didn’t go too far as she’s a nervous cat but for a first attempt she did really well. I locked the cat flap at night for the first couple of weeks but then as she got more independent left it open for her to choose when she wants to go out. Within a week of leaving the flap unlocked at all times I noticed more neighbouring cats in our garden than usual and on a few occasions right by the cat flap ready to enter.

Time to invest in cat flap security?

I knew I needed to increase the security of the cat flap for the safety of Rolo and also my other two dogs who wouldn’t take kindly to any unknown cats wandering in. With the amount of cats living in my village I decided the best type of cat flap for me would be a microchip cat flap. These cat flaps not only prevent other neighbouring cat’s entering your property but also prevent any other wild animal entering such as foxes which really puts my mind at rest.

Installing the cat flap was simple as it slotted into the hole left from the previous cat flap and it only took 5-10 minutes to set it up. The locking mechanism was quiet enough not to put Rolo off and she barely noticed it was a new cat flaps. Since having the new cat flap I haven’t worried about Rolos safety or my other two dogs as I know nothing can enter the cat flap and now Rolo has a safe haven to retreat to.

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