Cat Trees are Essential Furnishings for Cat Owners

Cat climbing trees

Cute white cat with blue eyes

Felines Must be Felines – Hence, the Reason for Owning a Cat Tree  //  Felines must be felines – thus, the reason man has had to invent cat trees and scratching post accessories. After all, it’s part of a cat’s nature to climb and scratch. So, a cat tree is a mecca, so to speak, for any kitten or cat.

Cat Tree Sizes  //  So, what should you look for in a condo or tree for your cat? Well, one of the first considerations you’ll need to make is the overall size of the tree. Small trees generally stand a little over three feet in height, or around 40 to 40 inches tall, while medium trees can range from 44 inches to 52 inches tall. Large cat trees, which are great choices for multiple cats, tower around 62 inches to 80 inches in height.

A Worthwhile if Not Affordable Investment  //  If you want to save your furniture and prevent your cat from scaling your curtains then, a cat bungalow or condo is well worth the investment. Paying a one-time fee of $65 to $150 for a cat tree sure beats regularly forking out money for replacement furnishings.

Cat climbing trees

Making a Choice  //  Usually, medium and large cat trees are good choices if you own more than one cat while a small cat tree is a good selection for a smaller cat.  However, if your cat tends to be rather rambunctious or is somewhat large, then choosing a medium-sized abode is generally preferable.

Choose a Cat Tree that is Easy to Clean  //  Once you have decided on the condo size, you’ll need to look at other key features as well. For example, ease of assembly is important as well as cleanability. If you haven’t already noticed, cat hair is not exactly simple to remove. Therefore, the condo or bungalow you choose for your cat should be easy to clean, either with a damp cloth or a vacuum.

Easy Assembly  //  With respect to assembly, look for a product that provides both the instructions and tools for putting the cat palace together. Assembly should take no more than 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

The Tree Should be a Playground as Well as a Place to Relax  //  In addition, an ideal cat tree should be a versatile furnishing. Look for such amenities as step ladders, walk-through fur brushes, elevated houses, perches, and tunnels. In other words, choose a tree that is a playground as well as a place for your cat to relax. Trees should feature sisal-wrapped scratching posts and provide your cat with second and/or third story accommodations for sleeping or surveying the environment. Also, look for trees that provide comfort too. Faux Sherpa or casita fur are top cat tree materials.

A Few Final Notes  //  At the minimum, the tree should supply your feline with a carpeted space for resting, a sisal scratching post, and a stable design. Again, the size of the tree is an important consideration. Make sure the furnishing can hold your cat’s weight and overall size. To view the various styles of cat trees and to obtain further details about the furnishings, the Your Cats Tree website is a good resource for cat owners to visit online. Meow!

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