Cat’s Cradle Book & Kit

Cats cradle

Cats cradle
Perfect for kids, as a birthday gift or stocking stuffer, teach them how to do cats cradle in a really simple illustrated way. This game has been around since at least the early 1800’s on record. However as its such a simple game, it would have been played since string was first around I imagine! The game consists of generally two or more people, however can be only a single person as well. The aim of the game, is to create pictures using only a method of knotting string between your fingers. Get Cat’s Cradle Book Kit- by Klutz on Amazon today!

  • Learn how to make The Cup and Saucer, The Witch’s Broom and Jacob’s Ladder
  • Comes with loop of multicolored string
  • Includes a 36 page interactive journal with Klutz certified doodle starters
  • Parents’ Choice Award
  • Recommended for children ages 6+
  • Features five different string figures that are clearly illustrated
  • Attached to the book is a tie-dyed string loop so all you need to bring is ten fingers
  • Projects include Jacob’s Ladder Eiffel Tower Witch’s Broom and more!
  • Spiral-bound: 36 pages
  • Painstakingly clear and fully illustrated

Main image is via Jess Curtin, 2007 – and is of at the museum of jurassic technology. “Boys are not allowed to play cat’s cradle, otherwise when they grow up and go fishing their fingers will become entangled in the harpoon line.” (E.S. Curtis, 1907)

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