Choosing the Best Cat Flaps, Nets, Steps and Pens



Whether its your first cat or you’ve just never learnt about flaps, nets or pens – this article will guide you through choosing the best cat flats, nets and pens. There is a variety of cat accessories available on the market today, and with this variety there is also a lot of choice for you, the end consumer. So lets get started:

Cat Flaps

Cat flaps are an entry door so cats can safely exit and enter the house. An area is measured and cut into the door of a home then the cat flap is inserted. Cat flaps can be just that, a frame with a flap in the centre enabling the cat to walk back and forth through easily, or it can look more like a small swinging door.

Ideal Pet Products 9.75-inch by 17-inch Extra-Large Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame is considered energy efficient and has a structural foam plastic frame which can adapt to doors of various sizes.

There is also the PetSafe Small 2-Way Locking Cat Door, which is an expensive option. It works for cats weighing up to 15 pounds. Made of high-impact plastic with a transparent flap, it also has an easy-to-use sliding lock.

Cat flaps are available in a variety of colors to match your home, and any of them can be locked when you don’t want your cat traveling in or out of the home or when you go on vacation.


Cat Nets

Cat nets are growing in popularity. Your cat may be an indoors only cat, but you want him or her to go outside with you for an occasional breath of fresh air. Cat nets are like tents for your pet.

Varying in size and design, cat nets are a safe way for a cat to go outdoors to play. When enclosed in a cat net, cats cannot run into the street, fight with other cats, or wander too far away from home. However, cats can enjoy the fresh outside air and sunshine while in their net.

Check out this listing here for a best selling cat net: Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure for Decks, Patios, Balconies Image via the product listing. Note that the shelter is sold seperately – I just think it’s adorable, and also makes sure that the cat has a nice place to lie in the shade if they like. 

Cat net for outdoors and shelter

Cat Steps

Cats jump, climb, and run. It is just cat nature. Even though a cat is said to have nine lives it is not wise to test that. Sometimes cats need to move a little higher up to reach something or to see outside. Cat steps enable cats to safely climb to their destination. There is no risk of property being damaged by cat claws or of the cat being hurt when something overturns during the climb.

Cat steps are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from two steps to four steps. Many cats enjoy sunning on the windowsill. When the cat jumps up, he or she may hang onto the curtain to pull his or her way up. Save your curtains from the claws and the walls from scratches, instead, place steps in front of the kitty’s favorite spot and there is a safe, worry-free visit to the window awaiting.


Cat Pens

Sometimes, you might like me live in an area where it’s not safe or you don’t feel comfortable to simply let your beloved cat roam around outside. If you’re next to a road, or you know theres dangerous wildlife around. Cat pens might then be the solution for you. These enclosures allow your feline friend the pleasures of being outdoors, while still keeping them nice and safe.
Main image by Tom Page, 2006.

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