Choosing The Best Treats For Your Cat

Treats For Your Cat

Treats For Your Cat
Let’s face it: you love your little kitty (or your grown, 15-year-old cat buddy) and you’d give them the world if you could. But for the time being, you’re searching for a way to reward your cat that’s fun and entertaining and healthy. Why not try a cat treat? From edible treats to toys, there exist a plethora of choices for cat-lovers to reward their pets safely and happily.

The Kinds of Treats That Cats Can Eat

When you think of the comic strip Garfield, the one thing that most folks remember is how much that cat loved to eat — and it showed. Not that it’s a good suggestion to let your cat plow his fat face headlong into a pan of lasagna.Thankfully, with the all the options available for edible snacks that do double duty to help improve your cat’s health, it’s easy to choose something both fun and good for your cat all at the same time.

Take for instance these Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats, a snack that hundreds of customers have raved about using, and veterinarians have recommended. Not only do some cats find them pretty tasty, they also serve as a way to deliver pills to cats in a scrumptious manner that otherwise may have proved to be a difficult task to accomplish.

Another popular treat for felines are the Enisyl-F Lysine Treats for Cats, which have a poultry flavor and help to reduce certain infections. There are crunchy treats as well as ones that help with dental care and those that strive to reduce hairballs.

Some snacks, like these Halo Liv-a-Littles Natural Treats for Dogs and Cats contain actual freeze-dried marinated chicken breast pieces, are easy to digest, and have tons of the all-important protein cats need.

There are even edible grass planters that help kitties get vegetables into their diets, and help mix up the routine of feeding time. But it’s not all about treats that cats can eat — sometimes they want something different to stimulate their minds and playful spirits.


Toys for Cats

A good mix of activities for cats include things like natural scratcher toys, or a little catnip spray rejuvenator sprayed onto old toys and scratching posts to keep the pets more interested in them than the curtains and couches. Even newer inventions like treat dispensing toys or mazes that make your cat “work” for their food by pawing at it help to challenge their minds and creates more fun in the doldrums. With all these choices, there’s no reason to have a bored kitty on your hands.

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